5 Other Ways to Use a Wheelie Bin Without Remodeling

by Elsa

If you have a wheelie bin that is either defunct or old, don’t throw it away! It can serve many more purposes than just as a recycling bin. Having one of these big dustbins standing somewhere, doing nothing, will cost you an available space, even if they are kept in a garage or shed.

Wheelie bins are so beneficial that not making proper use of them in other ways they can be utilized might mean that you are spending money on things that you probably don’t need.

Many people end up condemning their old garbage bins because they believe it has to be remodeled for other uses but before you toss your old recycling bin out, here are 5 other ways you can use a wheelie bin without remodeling:

Storage Space Solution

Constantly having to look for more spaces to put things means you need a storage solution in your house. You may see a need to create more shelves and cabinets but if you have an idle wheelie bin, put away more stuff in them without spending any extra cash. The good thing is that whatever you store in these makeshift storages is secured from insects, dust, and moisture by the thick plastic container.

Drink Cooler

Summertime does not come without the need for a cool drink especially when chilling outdoors with guests. If you planned an outdoor picnic or barbeque, a wheelie bin will come in handy when you fill it up with water and ice to put your drinks inside. It will keep your drinks cool and can be wheeled around.

Farm Animal Food Storage

Farmers are familiar with the need to keep their farm animals’ feeds dry during the winter or humid seasons. A covered wheelie bin offers an airtight food storage solution for that. Your animal feel will also be protected from intruding pests.


This is perhaps one of the most advantageous alternative use of a wheelie bin. As a planter, you can move your wheelie bin towards more light or away from the scorching sun, depending on the time of the day. More delicate plants can also be protected from the rain by rolling it under a shade and bringing it out after the rain. With a wheelie bin as a planter, you can grow both outdoor and indoor flowers. You also get the added advantage of a higher plant pot for sunning your plants.

Wheelie “Bin” Barrow

As a way to move garden equipment around, a wheelie bin serves as a cheaper option than buying a wheelbarrow. It also helps to keep more content balanced due to the shape. The lid and sides come in helpful to keep materials from falling out or being carried by the wind.


Many of these purposes of wheelie bins do not require that they first be old and condemned first. If you find these hacks to be the cheaper or easier option, why not buy a wheelie bin and stick to your purpose of getting it? Who says wheelie bins have to be bought for waste only?

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