Smooth Online Transactions Enabled by
Blockchain-Based Payment Solutions

Niko Technologies is a stand-alone FinTech company which develops innovative solutions for e-commerce, wholesale and retail businesses to enable instant global online payments, smooth withdrawals and currency exchanges for fair fees. The company has built a number of successful blockchain projects which greatly accelerated payment processing, cut down payment fees and simplified payment procedures.
All Niko Technology products are licensed and comply with the world security standards.

About Niko Technologies

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Our Competitive Advantages

Lighting-Fast Automated Payments

Transactions, exchanges, payments processing and fund withdrawals are instant and smooth with manual workload cut to minimum which takes all the hassle out of the funds management.

Advanced Data Security

Licensed payment solutions, transactions made over secure SSL endpoints, comprehensive work of the Compliance and Risk Departments maximize financial security. We as well take advantage of the latest BioID and 2-Factor Authentication technologies to protect our customers’ funds and data and make payments super secure and private.

In-House Solution Development

Niko Technologies is an experienced company with all its products made in house. A team of highly professional IT specialists, blockchain and business developers have pooled their brain power, experience and knowledge to develop upper-class payment solutions capable to deliver the speed and ease in payments traditional banks failed to provide. We are constantly improving and updating our services integrating the latest FinTech and blockchain technologies.

White Label Product Versions

Niko Technologies’ White Label Solutions help many our partner companies to grow their businesses worldwide. With us, you get the opportunity to focus on client acquisition and your brand promotion while we manage everything else behind the scenes. A full suite of Support Services is provided.

Licensed Financial Institution

Niko Technologies is fully licensed as a financial institution registered in Estonia. We provide services like accepting multi-currency payments, fund transfers and currency exchange.

24/7 Support

Professional service team that makes a core of Niko Technologies’ 24/7 Support, ensures our solutions’ peak efficiency and performance. Our specialists are always there to assist you with any service-related need that you may have. We’ll help you build the best user experience!

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