Buy and Sell Foreign Currency at Competitive Rates with Niko Tech

Exchange Service integrated into Niko Technologies Payments App allows for instant exchanges between supported currencies without third-party involvement. Being automatically processed by our system the exchange procedures are super fast and safe. We offer better exchange rates and charge lower fees.

Niko Technologies Advantages

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Our Advantages

Instant Exchange

Life is busy enough, so we make sure you can arrange an exchange in some minutes through our solution.

Low Exchange

Conveniently trade currencies online at reasonable fees. You won’t overpay for exchanges with our direct currency exchange rates.

Multiple Currencies

Choose exchange pairs among a wide range of supported currencies and get the money you need without any hassle.

Five-star Customer

Our expert 24/7 Support Service will give you a required advice and assistance on exchanges.

Currency exchanges

with Niko Technologies are simple as 1-2-3

Currency Exchanges Niko Technologies Sign Up

Sign Up

Sign up to Niko Technologies Payments App. The registration is quick and takes only some clicks.

Niko Technologies Funds depositing Funds Depositing

Funds Depositing

Load the currency to exchange from a bank account to the App.

Exchange procedure Niko Technologies Exchange Procedure

Exchange Procedure

Make an instant exchange operation using Exchange Service in your Niko Technologies Payments App.

Remittance at a Fair Price

Sending money home can be as smooth as thinking of the family

An innovative app tailored to the needs of workers seeking job opportunities abroad, makes it easy to weed out inefficient (and rather costly) paper-bound processes from money transfers. Do without middlemen while sending hardly-earned money home. Don’t let banks take their cut from your loot!

  • Fast transfers enabled by SWIFT
  • Save money on Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Automated FX conversion
Remittance at a Fair Price Niko Technologies

Buy and Sell Foreign Currency with ACH

Our proprietary Exchange service makes it hilariously easy for US residents to trade foreign currency with ACH transfers. To sell US Dollars for a currency you need, there’s no more need to visit third-party exchange companies or change a payment processing method you got used to.

Stop losing money on humongous exchange charges right away!

Niko Technologies offers a way to get foreign currency that’s the most convenient for you.

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