Instant Multi-Currency Payments and Smooth Global Money Transfers

Niko Technologies offers a bundle of solutions to enable instant and secure payment processing.
Accepting multi-currency payments from US, European and Global customers is easy and convenient with us.

Niko Technologies Payment Processing Solutions

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Payment Processing Solutions that are Really with it


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Flexible IBAN Solution for Personalized Payments

With Niko Technologies, your C2B payments will get even more customer-friendly and time-efficient. Forget about cumbersome “traditional” payments. Enjoy instant and failproof wire transfers within the euro area (SEPA), and global payments (SWIFT). For US residents, there’s an opportunity to transfer and deposit money via ACH payments.

  • Accept international payments with no delays and failures
  • Withdraw funds with no fuss
  • Monitor customer information with the dashboard

Business-Friendly Global Payments

Stop losing a significant part of your profits on wire transfer fees and currency conversion today. Manage your overseas payments with our new-age money transfer services. Your business deserves the best!

Smooth SEPA Transfers

With Niko Technologies, you can smoothly centralise your incoming and outgoing payments within the euro area. Virtual and physical EU IBANs make international money transfers cheaper and easier with no risk of recalls.

Our 24/7 Support is available to assist you with any service-related needs that you may have.
  • Smooth withdrawals in EUR
  • Real-time quick fund transfers
  • No upper limits for money transfers
Money-Saving ACH

Quick SWIFT Transfers

Our SWIFT Transfers solution allows to send and accept quick and safe payments from around the globe. The transfers can be made in EUR, USD or GBP. Secure payment form, transfers much faster than bank drafts, and no additional bank charges make just a small part of our high-quality money transfer services.

  • Easy global transfers
  • Fast and secure payments
  • Direct payments into a beneficiary’s foreign account
Money-Saving ACH

Money-Saving ACH Transfers

When you use our ACH Transfer solution, your US Dollar payments are processed faster in a secure environment. Choose a direct (and cost-efficient) way to transfer and deposit your money. Leave behind paper checks, credit card networks, traditional wire transfers, and cash.

  • Low processing fees
  • Faster payment processing
  • Flexible payments
Money-Saving ACH

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