Smart POS Payment Solution that Improves Your Business Conversions

A solution empowering businesses to strive and thrive Niko Technologies Retail solution allows retail personnel to easily create regular transactions and provides superior shoppings experiences.
Accept more multi-currency instant payments from buyers worldwide and make your business ambitions possible with us.

Niko Technologies Retail

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Solution Benefits for Merchants

Instant Payment

Instant payment processing for reasonable fees Payment transactions take only some seconds. We provide our customers with a reliable tool for handling secure real-time payments.

Smooth Low-Fee

Smooth low-fee withdrawals in a preferred currency Withdraw accepted funds in the currency you like at low fees.

Multiple Cashiers

Opportunity to integrate multiple cashiers within a master account Add as many PoS to your merchant account as you need to conveniently manage all your cashiers.

Two Options to Choose from

To provide convenient and smooth user experience, the solution is available in two versions: software and hardware. Choose the one which suits you the most.

Software App Niko Technologies

Software App

A software app turning your smartphone into a full-fledged PoS.

Niko Technologies PoS terminal

PoS Terminal

A hardware PoS terminal which can be bought at our offices or from our official representatives.

Solution Benefits for Shoppers

  • Receipts provided by Niko Technologies serve as a Proof of Payment adding extra security to payments.
  • The latest NFC technologies make payments even more quicker and easier.
    To make an instant wireless payment hold your smartphone at least 2 inches from a cashier’s gadget.
  • Niko Technologies Retail solution allows for quick hassle-free payments in the most widespread currencies in the world.
Solution benefits for Shoppers

PoS Revolution

With Niko Technologies, your customers won’t need wallets to shop in your brick-and-mortar store. A revolutionary app developed by a team of FinTech-savvy specialists will turn your smartphone into a full-on point of sale (POS). Let your retail staff process multi-currency payments in a flash. Give your customers the efficiency they seek, save your staff’s time and nerves!

Smart PoS

With our Retail app, regular and potential clients will get notifications about the opportunity to pay with their digital wallets in your brick-and-mortar store, bar or restaurant integrated with Niko Technologies payment ecosystem.

When people walk through town, the mobile app will send them notifications about actual bonuses and discounts in your store. Without even going inside! Boost your sales with With Niko Technologies; save your clients’ time and energy!

Smart PoS Pin Niko Technologies Map Niko Technologies

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